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Students work in groups of 3 to complete the case analysis and presentation assignment (Assignment 2).

There are 3 presentation dates: Nov 23, 30, Dec 7, 2016. Two groups present on each day.

Against each group number below, please enter your names and case title. (Sign-up will be open from end of class on TBA.)

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Closer to the presentation dates, use Group Project Pages to post your presentations and related materials. 

Nov 23, 2016

Group 1: 

Mikaela Gray, Annia Peat, Andrew Tomkins, Michelle Chan  -- Avro Arrow

Group 2:   
Danielle, Hirra, Hina — Bhopal disaster

Group 2A:
Eleni, Maggie, Frances - Stanford Prision Experiment 

Nov 30, 2016

Group 3: Christina Severino, Alicja Adamczyk, Lisl Saunders - Munich Appeasement

Group 4: Peter Ferrell - Nine-to-Two: The Selection of Nail Yakupov 

Dec 7, 2016

Group 5: Alexander Miceli, Margot Lafrance, and Katelyn Stoddart - Case title 

Group 6: Qiudi Wu, Nancy Diaz - Hurricane Katrina

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