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Students work in groups of 4 to complete the intranet design and presentation assignment (Assignment 2).

The Intranet Design Project Workbook is here.

There are 3 presentation dates (below). Four groups present on each day.

Against each group number below, please enter your group members' names, and your project organization.

Sign-up is open from end of class on Oct 6.

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Nov 24, 2016

Group 1: Olivia Marquis-Harvey, Barbora Mueller, Akshay Mittal, Lucas Bailey - Get Real

Group 2: Student Names - Project title 

Group 3: Victoria, Zihang Yang, Francesca, Yue, Yuchen - RSP LL

Group 4: Alyha, Deanna, Paniz, Michael, Dusan - MILO 

Dec 1, 2015

Group 5: Annia Peat, Oljay Atacan, Mark Fellin, Cvijeta Sonoc - Great Library LSTS 

Group 6: Marcos Armstrong, Ming Fu, Vivian Lough, Sinisa Savic - Rollout

Group 7: Qiudi Wu,Pranjal Swami,Neil Chah,Mckenzie - TFOR

Group 8: Yuan Yao, Jennifer Park, Devin New- PeppeR OISE

Dec 8, 2015

Group 9: Teodora, Sam, Shauna, Darcy - Project title

Group 10: Rajin Patel, Greg Katsoras, Yuxi Ren, Yihong Zhu - Project title

Group 11: Kendal Kiddie, Catherine Orr, Yiyang Wang, Lijie Ren- Project title

Group 12: Ben Graves, Junyu Wang, Karl Nicolas, Joel Gladstone- ACE-Scholars Portal

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