National Culture and Knowledge Sharing in a Global Learning Organization: A Case Study

Youngjin Yoo

Case Western Reserve University

Ben Torrey



To fill this void, we hope, in this chapter, to show how vital it is to address the issue of national culture as it relates to knowledge sharing. To this end, we review the literature with an aim to better understand the potential role of national cultures in various aspects of knowledge management. In particular, we are interested in differences between Eastern and Western cultures. We then present a case study conducted at Accenture, known as Andersen Consulting at the time of the study, to illustrate how different national cultures influence individual consultants in their daily knowledge management and knowledge sharing behaviors. We end the chapter with a discussion of the implications of our findings for future research and for knowledge management practices by suggesting possible ways to address some the issues raised by our conclusions.

To appear in "Strategic Management of Intellectual Capital and Organizational Knowledge" edited by Nick Bontis & Chun Wei Choo (Oxford University Press).