MGT 1272 Management in the Information Age

Lecture Slides

Instructor: Chun Wei Choo

Introduction to Organizational Knowing

Nature of Organizational Knowing

Modes of Organizational Information Use (1)

Modes of Organizational Information Use (2)

Organizational Knowing Cycle

Information Use in Organizational Knowing

Organizations as Sensemaking Communities

Sensemaking "Recipe"

Sensemaking Processes

Sensemaking Example

Sensemaking Exercise

Ambiguity and Equivocality in Sensemaking

Organizational History as Sensemaking

Learning Histories, retrospective and reflective histories of significant events in a company's recent past

See also an example of a Learning History document.

Organizations as Knowledge-Creating Enterprises

Types of Organizational Knowledge

Knowledge Conversion

Knowledge Building

Knowledge Linking

Comparison of Knowledge Creating Models

Case Analysis

Application Examples and Tools

Managing Knowledge in Organizations

What is Knowledge Management?

Planning Framework: (1) (2)

Application Example

Case study: The Eureka Project at Xerox, an article by Steve Barth. [cache]

The following slides require a password from the instructor to view:

Organizations as Decision Making Systems

Organizational Decision Models

Bounded Rationality Model

Decision Process Model

Political Model

Garbage Can Model

Information Seeking and Use in Decision Making

Case Analysis: Challenger Launch Decision
Case discussion PowerPoint slides

Tools and Resources

Organizational Knowing

Three Modes of Organizational Information Use

Organizational Knowing Cycle

Organizational Knowing in the Challenger Case

Organizational Knowing Cycle (2)

Tensions in Organizational Knowing

A case study presented by Anu MacIntosh-Murray on "Notifying patients about exposure to blood products from a donor with CJD."
Download the case [PDF]
Download the PowerPoint slides

Alternative case:
World Health Organization Case
Organizational Knowing in the WHO Smallpox Program
Information Management in the WHO Smallpox Program