DLA '98 Workshop on Knowledge Management

Dr Choo Chun Wei
Faculty of Information Studies
University of Toronto
Ontario, Canada

The workshop provides a state-of-the-art overview of the conceptual principles and practical approaches that enable an organization to effectively manage and mobilize its knowledge resources. The workshop will cover four main topics:

Lecture Slides

Types of Organizational Knowledge

Converting Organizational Knowledge

Building Organizational Knowledge

Linking Organizational Knowledge

Comparison of Knowledge Creating Modes

Knowledge Creating at BP

Knowledge Management Processes

Intranets -- Scope and Advantages

Intranet Disadvantages

Intranet as Shared Information Space

Intranet as Content Space

Intranet as Communication Space

Intranet as Collaboration Space

Knowledge Experts in an Organization (1)

Knowledge Experts in an Organization (2)

New Roles for Information Professionals

Information Products and Services

Information Life Cycle of Emerging Issues

Site Visit: Knowledge Management at Teltech

Building BI on the GrapeVINE

The New Information Professionals


Dr Choo Chun Wei is a professor at the Faculty of Information Studies in the University of Toronto. Dr Choo is the author of three recent books on information and knowledge management: Information Management for the Intelligent Organization (Learned Information 1995, 2nd edition 1998), Managing Information for the Competitive Edge (Neal-Schuman 1997), and The Knowing Organization (Oxford University Press 1998). He is presently working on a new book entitled Knowledge Management on the World Wide Web: Augmenting Organizational Intelligence through Intranets, to be published by Elsevier-Kluwer. Dr Choo has a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Engineering from the University of Cambridge (UK), a Master's degree in Information Systems from the London School of Economics (UK), and a PhD in Information Science from the University of Toronto (Canada).

At the University of Toronto, Chun Wei teaches courses in information management, intranet design, online information retrieval, and organizational decision making. He also teaches knowledge management at the University of Amsterdam, and environment scanning at the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil.