Chun Wei Choo is a faculty member of the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto, where unsuspecting students are subjected to his dry disquisitions on topics such as organizational behaviour, information retrieval, and decision making.

Between classes, Chun Wei thinks about how organizations think, and ponders such weighty issues as the management of information, organizational learning, information seeking behaviours, and the meaning of life.

In a hopeless attempt to hold back the Second Law of Thermodynamics, here is his contribution to the stock of negative entropy (aka information) in the universe - an ordered set of Web pages that describe his entirely forgettable projects and pursuits.

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Stephen Knight

I dreamed I travelled half a day
Towards the rising sun,
Too tired to think of anything
Or speak to anyone.

Clouds brushed the buildings’ highest floors.
The warm, upholstered air
Stood, waiting, at the lobby doors
To spirit me away.

The hot rain fell. The hot rain stopped.
We scrutinised the sky;
And there, the level pavements were
Stranger than "you" and "I".

From shop to shop, the people walked
- Somnambulant, disguised -
And no one laughed, and no one talked,
And no one said Goodbye.

I dreamed I travelled far away,
As far from you as light
Advances in a thousand years
Towards another night.