UFMG-FIS Course on Environmental Scanning

Online Chat Session on Sep 18, 10-11am (Toronto time)

Ricardo:: Good morning, everybody!

Ricardo: Is anybody else connected?

ChunWei: Hello!

Ricardo: I presume the students will log in shortly.

ChunWei: Are you and the students physically together in one space, or are the students elsewhere?

Ricardo: Most of them will connect from their terminals at the School, but others will connect from home, and that is what created some problems last week.


Gilmar: Hello

ChunWei: Pleased to meet you, Gilmar!

Gilmar: Joao, conseguiu conectar?

joao: hello ! hello !!

Simone: Simone says: Simone says: I am here in the Schoo

Ricardo: Hi, I am back to my room.

ChunWei: Hi Joao, Receiving you loud and clear..

ChunWei: Welcome online, Simone.

Gilmar: Hi people!

joao: I was in trouble here, but now I think its better !!

Simone: Mei says: I am with Simone, here in the School

ChunWei: Welcome to you too, Mei.

Ricardo: I would sugest the students to make a very bried self-presentation to Chun Wei.

Ricardo: Please forgive my typo. I mean brief, not bried

ChunWei: No problem at all. We can be very informal here ...

Ricardo: It looks that we are six people using five terminals. Am I correct?

ChunWei: I think you are right, Ricardo. Are all of you connecting in from School?

Ricardo: Yes, this is correct.

ChunWei: The chat function seems to be stable so far, at least from where I am in Toronto. Is this the case too in Belo?

Ricardo: The chat is fine, but I wonder if others are having difficulties in establishing connection from other places.

Simone: Simone says: yes. Mei says: I am Engenieer and teach Chemestry

Ricardo: Mei is of Chinese origin, Chun Wei

ChunWei: Okay. How many students are in the course?

Ricardo: We have thirteen students.

ChunWei: That seems like three more than the last I heard. Good news!

Simone: Mei says: Yes, I was born in Taiwain, but I live here since 1972

lenira: Dear Prof. Choo. I am Lenira Passos Ferreira, librarian.I am manager of the Information and Library Unit at the Development Center of Nuclear Technology of Brazilian Commission of Nuclear Energy

Ricardo: Welcome aboard, Lenira!

ChunWei: Very pleased to meet you online Lenira. Sounds like you have a very interesting job. What are some of your main responsibilities?

Ricardo: Is everybody else still connected?

joao: I am !

Ricardo: Are you having problems with the english?

Ricardo: Lenira, are you still there?

ChunWei: Hi Mei, I visited Taipei for a few days in 1976 -- too long ago, think I need a return visit. On the other hand, Belo is a lot closer ..

lenira: Main tasks are: to provide information on nuclear science and technology and its related fields as chemistry, physics, materials, environment, control and instrumentation and to manage a special collection of publications generated as a result of the Center s activities

ChunWei: Lenira, that's quite a wide range of areas. Do you use mainly printed sources, or do you also go online, to the commercial databases, or perhaps the Internet?

Simone: Simone says: I am graduated in Administration and Engineering and I teach Administration in a high school

Gilmar: Hello Professor Choo, I am Gilmar Lima Guimaraes, B.S in Eletrict Engineering (1979). Now I am studying information science. In the last four years I have been working like assistent of data processor manager.

ChunWei: Hi Simone, Administration and Engineering is an excellent combination!

lenira: I use mainly printed sources, but our information resources include data bases on-line and in CD-ROM, acess to Internet and intranet.

Ricardo: Chun Wei, as you have noticed, we have a very talented group of students.

ChunWei: Yes Ricardo, I am most impressed!

Simone: Mei says: I was in Taipei in 1986 with my Chinese friend. I was a good travel. I stay there for about 2 months

ChunWei: Lenira, of the sources you use for scanning, do you have any personal favorites?

joao: Hello Prof. Choo, I am Joao Marcio Dias, B.Sc. in Accounting. I worked with development of accounting systems for one year. My interest area is to study the relationship between environmental information (in an ecological sense) and the organizations.

ChunWei: Mei, Taipei is a very lovely town -- more so if there were fewer cars ...

ChunWei: Joao, I think you have come to the right place to learn about the link between external information and organizational behavior.

Simone: Mei says: Yes, there are more bicycles then cars. Actually, I think people have more cars.

ChunWei: Hi Mei, what do you hope to get out of this course?

Simone: Mei: I hope get more knowledge about Organizations an continue study this informations

ChunWei: Great, once again, you are also in the right place!

Gilmar: Prof. Choo, What about FIS. Could you tell us something about?

Ricardo: Lenira, are you still connected?

joao: Gilmar, I think this question interesting !!

ChunWei: Gilmar, we have a great deal of information about FIS on our Website: www.fis.utoronto.ca Essentially, we are divided into three graduate streams: library science, information systems, and archival studies. We have about 280 students presently enrolled -- and about 13 full-time professors.

lenira: Frequentelly, I acess altavista, yahoo, and the sites of international organisations as International Atomic Energy Agency, Environmental Protection Agency and a Brazilian sites Cade, Statistical Brazilian Institute etc I:

ChunWei: Lenira, Excellent. We will have a chance to look at Web-based search and information sites sometime later in the course. Your input will be very useful then.

Ricardo: Maybe I should add that FIS, like most other schools in our area, does not have an undergraduate program, which is equivalent to our graduacao.

ChunWei: Ricardo is right. Like your school, many of our students are practising professionals in the information field.

joao: Is there some work concerned in to make conections between environment, or sustainable development, and the information systems ?

Gilmar: Ok, I think it is an excellent place to study.

lenira: I should like to mention that our Unit is a member of the ANTARES a Brazilian network in science and technology

ChunWei: Joao, Gilmar, An important book was written about that subject by Paul Hawken. It's entitled: "The Ecology of Commerce." That might be a good place to start.

ChunWei: Lenira, Do you or your group collaborate or share information with the others in ANTARES?

joao: Thank you professor Choo !!

ChunWei: Joao, Gilmar, Generally speaking however, the concept of ecologically sustainable development has not been a high-priority area in the Information Systems field. This is fertile ground for fresh research!

Gilmar: Prof. Choo, My interest area is in management information needs to decision makers from public service, specially in the public university.

lenira: We have a discussion group about our problems, meetings and we received support equipments for our tasks

ChunWei: Hi. This is Brian Detlor. I'm a doctoral student here at FIS. Dr. Choo is my Ph.D. supervisor. Hello, Ricardo.

Ricardo: Hi, Brian, nice hearing from you!

ChunWei: Gilmar, I am glad that you stress information needs -- this is where good information management starts.

ChunWei: Lenira, Sounds like your group is a role model that we could learn from -- well done!

Ricardo: Brian, how is your family?


Ricardo: Brian says goodbye he has to run to class.)

ChunWei: Lenira, As an aside, are you connecting from your workplace or from school?

lenira: I am connecting from my workplace.

Ricardo: Lenira, does your organization have a special type of network connection with the University?

lenira: No, but we have good relationship.

ChunWei: Lenira, That always helps!

Ricardo: Do you all think we could meet every week this same time and day?

Gilmar: People, in Belo is 12 o''clock and a have to go out. It was a pleasure talk with you. Good bye!

ChunWei: Nice chatting with you Gilmar!

Ricardo: I will try to find out what happened with the others that were supposed to connect from other places.

lenira: Good bye and until our next chat

ChunWei: Goodbye Lenira, we will talk again online.

joao: ok, nice to talk to you !!

ChunWei: Joao, See you next time.

Ricardo: Chun Wei, maybe we can stop here with the students. I will send you my overall impressions of this chat session. In general I believe it was a success.

joao: I must go too, and I agree with the idea of meetings every week (same time and day) !!

ChunWei: Ricardo, I think it went very well. We will close the chat now, and look forward to your feedback via email. Cheers!

Ricardo: Cheers to everyone!

joao: Bye !

ChunWei: Goodbye Joao.