Executive Program in Knowledge Management
Tilburg Institute of Advanced Studies in Management
Tilburg University

Slides on Knowledge Management

Instructor: Chun Wei Choo

Introduction to Organizational Knowing

Nature of Organizational Knowing

Modes of Organizational Information Use (1)

Modes of Organizational Information Use (2)

Organizational Knowing Cycle

Information Use in Organizational Knowing

Organizations as Sensemaking Communities

Nature of Sensemaking

Sensemaking Recipe

Sensemaking Processes

GM's Assumptions

Kinder-Care's Business Idea/Cause Map

Ambiguity and Equivocality in Sensemaking

Supporting Sensemaking: The Spider System

Cognitive Mapping: Introduction by Fran Ackerman, Colin Eden and Steve Cropper (University of Strathclyde)

ATLAS.ti, a tool for constructing networks of textual, graphical and audio data

Learning Histories

Organizations as Knowledge-Creating Enterprises

Types of Organizational Knowledge

Knowledge Conversion

Knowledge Building

Knowledge Linking

Comparison of Knowledge Creating Models

Case Analysis

Knowledge Management Surveys

Information Resource Centers: New Roles to Manage Knowledge

KM Application Cases

KM Implementation Case

KM Use of Web Technology (Examples)

KM Planning Framework

Organizations as Decision Making Systems

Organizational Decision Models

Bounded Rationality Model

Decision Process Model

Political Model

Garbage Can Model

Information Seeking and Use in Decision Making

Case Analysis

Group Decision Support Systems' Questmap

Ventana's GroupSystems Tour

Banxia Software's Decision Explorer

Organizational Knowing

Three Modes of Organizational Information Use

Organizational Knowing Cycle

Organizational Knowing Cycle (2)

Tensions in Organizational Knowing

Case Analysis

Organizational Knowing in the WHO Smallpox Program

Information Management in the WHO Smallpox Program