INF 2176 Information Management in Organizations:
Models and Platforms

Intranet Design Assignment

The objective of the assignment is to introduce a systematic approach to designing an intranet as a platform for supporting an organization's information and knowledge management processes.

Students work in groups of four to design and partially implement an intranet with content and applications that address an organization's information and knowledge management needs. Use the course wiki to book your group presentation dates.

Each group will

Students identify and approach a suitable organization to work with. Possible organizations may include:

The project Workbook helps each group to address the following:

1 Information Ecology
1.1 Describe the organization's mission and operating context, and how an intranet would help the organization achieve its goals

2 Information Behaviors
2.1 Identify sets of major users and their information preferences
2.2 Analyze their main work-related tasks and problems, including problem dimensions, information needs
2.3 Analyze their information behaviors in terms of information seeking, information sources, and information use outcomes

3 Functional Design
3.1 Design an intranet site map
3.2 Design the intranet homepage
3.3 Partially implement three functional features that add value by addressing the organization's information ecology and information behavior issues.


The intranet design will be evaluated according to the extent that they achieve the following objectives:

The assignment evaluation will be based on two components: An individual contribution component (50%), and a group contribution component (50%).

Each group should email the following to the instructor at least ONE DAY before the date of their project presentation:

  1. a completed copy of the project Workbook
  2. a set of key annotated web pages from the intranet site
  3. the slides used in the project overview presentation.

The project Workbook may be downloaded here: Intranet Design Project Workbook. A Word file version is available here.

Students may find it helpful to review the design framework presented in class, and read the book excerpt.