INF 2176 Information Management in Organizations:
Models and Platforms

Assignment: Essay on How Organizations Use Information

The purpose of this assignment is to deepen students' understanding of how organizations use information. By examining the research in organization science and information science, students are encouraged to reflect on how information practices, services or systems may be designed and managed to better address the information needs of an organization.

Each student is to research and write an essay on one of the general areas of organizational information use covered in the course: sense making, knowledge creation, knowledge sharing, or decision making. Your essay should do the following:

  1. State clearly the title, purpose, and scope of your paper.

  2. Review a selection of the major research literature on the topic you have chosen. Discuss the research in terms of common themes and findings, strengths and limitations, and show how the research has increased our understanding of information seeking and use in organizations.

  3. Discuss the implications of your research by identifying the kinds of problems or challenges in information seeking and use that organizations need to be mindful of.

  4. Suggest information practices, services or systems that may be introduced to better support the mode of information use that you are analyzing. You may illustrate your suggestions with real-world applications or research projects, as well as with ideas of your own.

  5. Include a list of cited references.

The length of your essay should be approximately 12 double-spaced pages.

The essay is due on Feb 10, 2020, and should be submitted via Quercus. A late penalty will be assessed on papers that are handed in after the due date without prior permission from the instructor: each two-day delay results in a one-step penalty on the letter grade scale (e.g., A- to B+).