INF 2176 Information Management in Organizations:
Models and Platforms

2016 Fall Term

Instructor: Chun Wei Choo

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Here's the link to previous sections of INF2176 where you would be able to see past Intranet design projects.

You are all invited to a special KMIM event featuring a panel presentation by the knowledge and information management team team at Baker & McKenzie, ranked as the second-largest international law firm in the world by headcount. The presentation is on Nov 17, 12 - 1 pm in Room 205. B&M will be seeking a variety of practicum, co-op, and other student employment roles. Please see the attached poster for more information. Many thanks to Colin Furness, who organized the event.

A friendly reminder that Assignment 1 is due on Oct 20. Students may hand in their papers during class on that day.

Sign up for the Intranet Project in the course wiki here.

We are pleased to announce the following guest lecturers:

Ivan Sestak (Senior Manager, Client Support Services, Office of the CIO) will be presenting the workshop on Website Design on Oct 20.

Colin Furness will be presenting the Information Architecture in Intranet Design class on Nov 3.

Instructor's office hours are Mondays, 3.30 - 4.30pm. Other times available by appointment.

The TA for this section of the course is Michael Jones, who may be reached at

A second section of the course is on Thursday mornings. It is taught by Colin Furness and covers the same material with the same assignments.

Check this course website regularly for updates!