INF 2176 Information Management in Organizations:
Models and Platforms

2020 Winter Term

Instructor: Chun Wei Choo

Site URL:


Please note changes in Course Schedule affecting Mar 2 and Mar 9, which were discussed and voted on in class today (Feb 10).

The TA will be holding office hours on Monday, Feb 3 from 11am to 1pm in Room BL416 in in the Inforum. He will be pleased to answer questions about Assignment 1.

We are pleased to announce that the Feb 10 class on Website Design will be led by Ivan Sestak, Senior Manager, Operations & Integration CanSSOC, U of T; and that the Mar 2 class on Information Architecture in Intranet Design will be led by Colin Furness.

Our course TA is Gonen Steinberg, who may be reached at

Please see and consider the note-taking request from Accessibility Services.

Chun Wei's office hours are Tuesdays, 3.30 - 4.30pm in Room 628. Other times available by appointment.