Process Model Case:
New Jets for A Regional Airline

Read the following case, and use the Process Model to

Case outline narrative

  1. A regional airline, having expanded into charter service, was forced to consider the acquisition of jet aircraft.

  2. Search was conducted, and a choice was made.

  3. But the board, out of concern over the choice made, brought in a new chief executive.

  4. He quickly cancelled the contract, and began active search again.

  5. At the same time, he was approached by salesmen. A number of alternatives were rejected.

  6. The remaining alternatives were investigated more intensively for performance and possible financing, and negotiations for financing now began.

  7. Suddenly, a foreign airline went into receivership, and two used aircraft of the desired type became available at a good price with attractive financing.

  8. The president acted quickly to purchase these aircraft.


(Mintzberg, Raisinghani and Theoret, 1976)