INF 2149 Administrative Decision Making in Information Organizations

Assignment 1: Organizational Decision Making Essay

Research and write an essay on a selected topic in organizational decision making. The purpose of this assignment is to deepen your understanding of a specific area in organizational decision making that you find interesting or useful. You may choose your topic from the material we introduce in the course, such as cognitive heuristics and biases; decision making in organizational groups; bounded rationality; process models; power and politics in decision making; and the garbage can model. You may also choose a topic not covered in the course but which has some direct relevance, such as the organizational use of decision support systems; the role of ethics in decision making; and so on. If you wish to choose your own topic, be sure to seek the agreement of the instructor.

Your essay should do the following:

The length of your essay should be approximately 10-12 double-spaced pages. It should contain a list of references cited in the paper. Students are encouraged to discuss their choice of topics with the instructor. The essay is to be submitted to the instructor via Quercus by Oct 29, 2019. A late penalty will be assessed on papers that are handed in after the due date without prior permission from the instructor: each two-day delay results in a one-step penalty on the letter grade scale (e.g., A- to B+).