INF 1325 Online Information Retrieval: Course Schedule

Section 1 meets on Mondays 12 pm, Section 2 on Saturdays 9 am. The schedule below is for Section 1 only. The schedule may be updated to reflect changes in vendor presentations.

Week 1 [Jan 4, 2010]: Introduction to Online Search and Retrieval
Course outline, objectives, assignments, readings

Week 2 [Jan 11, 2010]: Structure and Organization of Databases; Search Strategy Development
Lecture and discussion

Week 3 [Jan 18, 2010]: Online Searching - Dialog (1)
Demonstration and hands-on practice.
Download the workbook, Introduction to Dialog for Information Professionals.
Download the Dialog Database Catalog, and Dialog Database Selection Guide.
View the Dialog Student Use Agreement form (PDF). (You should have signed and returned a copy to the instructor.)
Download the Dialog search logsheet (PDF). (Return this to instructor at the end of term.)

Week 4 [Jan 25, 2010]: Online Searching - Dialog (2)
Demonstration and hands-on practice.
DialogClassic command search and advanced techniques

Assignment 1 distributed Jan 25, 2010 and due Feb 8, 2010.

Week 5 [Feb 1, 2010]: Online Searching - Factiva and EBSCOhost Business Source Premier
Demonstration and hands-on practice
Connect to Factiva from the U of T Library
Download reference guides from the Factiva Resource Library

Week 6 [Feb 8, 2010]: Online Searching -
Connect to
View FPinfomart help and training; download Expert Search guide

Assignment 2 distributed Feb 8, 2010 and due Feb 22, 2010.

Feb 15 - 19: No classes during Reading Week.

Week 7 [Feb 22, 2010]: Online Searching - Proquest
Demonstration and hands-on practice
Trial access page set up by Proquest instructor. Password announced in class; or contact course instructor.
Connect to these databases via U of T Library

Week 8 [Mar 1, 2010]: LexisNexis
Connect to
Download Lexis/Quicklaw reference guide
View training demos

Week 9 [Mar 8, 2010]: Online Searching - Web of Knowledge
Connect to Web of Knowledge via U of T Library
Download updated version of instructor handout on searching Web of Science
View recorded training on Web of Science

Week 10 [Mar 15, 2010]: Web Search Engines
Connect to Web Search Strategies, Tools, and Trends, tutorial website created by Gwen Harris, guest instructor.

Week 11 - 13 [Mar 22, 29, Apr 5, 2010]:
Online Searching Applications - Project Presentations

Presentations, demonstrations, and discussion