INF 1325 Online Information Retrieval

Course Description

Focuses on the principles and methods of information retrieval through interactive database searching. Problems of online database organization and structure, search strategy formulation, and online search service management are investigated. Major search vendors and their systems are presented.

Course Objectives

  1. To introduce basic concepts of online information retrieval.

  2. To develop in students searching skills across a broad range of online databases and services.

  3. To provide an understanding of issues in search service management such as planning, selection of databases, modes of service, and evaluation.

  4. To emphasize the importance of understanding and satisfying user information needs in online searching.

Method and Procedure

A variety of methods will be used in this course including lectures, demonstrations, hands-on practice, group work and project presentations. Students will be introduced to different types of database resources and services, and use them to develop specialized online searching applications.

Course Requirements: Readings

Students are encouraged to read current issues of the ONLINE, Searcher, and EContent journals to keep up with developments in this fast changing field.

Online service vendors will be issuing workbooks and documentation to each student during their sessions.

Suggested texts for the course are the following:

Additional texts that provide useful background are:


Availability of Instructor

Students are encouraged to discuss any course-related problems with their instructors. Prof. Choo's office is Room 628; telephone number 978 5266; e-mail . Office hours will be announced in class.

Academic Policies

Please review the following: University policy on plagiarism and other academic offences; How not to plagiarize; material presented in the Cite It Right workshop; Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters; Accessibility services at the U of T.

Students with diverse learning styles and needs are welcome in this course. In particular, if you have a disability or health consideration that may require accommodations, please feel free to approach me and/or the Accessibility Services Office as soon as possible. The Accessibility Services staff are available by appointment to assess specific needs, provide referrals and arrange appropriate accommodations. The sooner you let them and me know your needs, the quicker we can assist you in achieving your learning goals in this course.