INF 1325 Online Information Retrieval

Assignment 3: Specialized Online Searching Applications

Students work in groups of 3 to complete this assignment. Select a research and analysis application that uses online searching from the list below:

For the application selected, prepare the following for an in-class presentation:

  1. concise overview of the application (e.g. media monitoring; competitive intelligence) - why organizations in general initiate this form of search and analysis, what are the methods, expected outcomes, etc;
  2. specific scenario of one organization (government, business, non-profit, other) that is undertaking this activity through its internal library or information centre - what are its objectives, information needs, information seeking strategies, intended use of information, etc, (the scenario may be hypothetical or based on a real organization);
  3. selection of online search systems and databases that will be used in the application for the specific scenario;
  4. demonstration of two sets of example searches and outputs.
Presentations are scheduled for the last few classes in the course. Indicate which date you prefer in the course wiki or LMS. Each presentation should last not more than 35 minutes, including time for questions. All group members should present. Your talk should use presentation software or web pages, and you may also distribute hand-outs. Each group should hand in (1) a printed copy of the presentation materials, (2) a sheet stating the contributions of each group member.