INF 1230 Planning Quiz

INF 1230 Quiz 2: Planning, Goals, Objectives

This is a self-assessment quiz for students of INF 1230.
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1. What are the differences between Strategic Plans and Operational Plans?

Strategic plans establish the overall mission, goals, and purpose of the organization: they ask questions about what goals to pursue and why.
Operational plans specify details on how individual objectives are to be achieved: they ask questions about how, who, and when activities are to take place.

2. What is a Vision statement?

A vision statement describes what an organization aspires to be in the future.
Some vision statements are also "values" statements:
they articulate the principles and values that guide the behavior of the organization.
Vision statements can be important in defining a collective identity and aspiration for the organization.

3. What is a Mission statement?

The organization's Mission is an overall statement of the role, work, and functions of the organization.
It is usually a concise yet complete statement that brings together all the important work of the organization.

4. What are the main steps of a Strategic Planning process?

(1) Identify current mission, goals, values
(2) Assess external environment and match with internal strengths
(3) Set or revise strategic goals and directions
(4) Develop operational plans and budgets
(5) Implementation and execution
(6) Collect feedback and evaluate (CONTINUOUSLY)

5. What are some common tools that can help planning?

(1) Environmental scanning
(2) SWOT analysis
(3) Benchmarking
(4) Simulation and modelling
(5) Standards and guidelines
(6) Scenario planning
(7) Budgets

6. What are the defining features of the Management By Objectives approach?

(1) Supervisors and subordinates jointly determine specific performance objectives
(2) Regularly review performance and provide feedback
(3) Performance objectives are based on and derived from organizational and departmental objectives