INF 1230 Managing Information Organizations: Essay Assignment

The purpose of the essay assignment is to expand students' management knowledge by writing a short paper (approx. 10 pages) on an area of management theory or practice that is not covered in the course.

Each student would write a short paper on one of the following topics:

Students who wish to write on another topic should obtain the approval of the instructor in advance.

The paper should provide:

In presenting an overview of the topic, the paper should discuss the following:

The paper may also focus on a narrower context or aspect of a suggested topic, e.g., balanced scorecards for nonprofits; ethnic diversity in the workplace; knowledge management in specific sectors; service quality in libraries.

Students submit the assignment via Quercus by Nov 11, 2019. A late penalty will be assessed on papers that are handed in after the due date without prior permission from the instructor: each two-day delay results in a one-step penalty on the letter grade scale (e.g., A- to B+).