INF 1230 Managing Information Organizations: Case Assignment

The purpose of the case assignment is to give students an opportunity to develop a case and apply one of the preferred approaches to managerial problem solving. In the assignment, students demonstrate their analytical and writing abilities as well as their understanding of management principles.

Cases may be drawn from students' own work experience. Cases may also be adapted from the management journals, such as those listed in "Recommended Browsing" on the course home page, or by expanding on examples in the textbook website.

Part A

Prepare a case of approximately 1200 words involving at least one major managerial principle. Your case should include:

Part B

In approximately 1200 additional words, resolve the case developed in Part A.

It is important to follow the steps for managerial problem solving and case study analysis explained on pages 11 and 12 of the INF 1230 Resource Workbook.


Your case study will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

1. plausibility of the case and its resolution;

2. internal consistency;

3. quality of the writing;

4. reasonableness and persuasiveness of the problem identification;

5. reasonableness and persuasiveness of the resolution;

6. adequacy of the implementation;

7. relevance of the management principle(s) involved.

In presenting your resolution, avoid vernacular and jargon; but feel free to use point form where appropriate (e.g. in listing possible resolutions). Keep your case and resolution short and simple. Your case and resolution should together be about 10 pages of double-spaced text.

You should submit the assignment via Quercus by Oct 9, 2019. A late penalty will be assessed on papers that are handed in after the due date without prior permission from the instructor: each two-day delay results in a one-step penalty on the letter grade scale (e.g., A- to B+).

An example of a student assignment is available here.